ART MATTERS Reclaim the Discourse November 16 – 17, 2018


workshop series
Reclaim the Discourse
November 16 – 17, 2018
Berlin, International Alumni Center (iac) 

ART MATTERS opens up its new season. This year our practice-based workshop series is designed under the slogan Reclaim the Discourse focusing on the mediation of contemporary arts, when it comes to migration-related issues: How can practices and techniques from other disciplines in the public sphere such as media, journalism, or pop culture contribute to reaching larger audiences? Which media channels and what languages do we use, which terminologies and translation acts need to be (re-)defined to create greater impact? Which ways of public manifestation, campaigning and image building can we contrive more effectively to deliver political messages by the means of arts and culture? What can we learn from strategies in media and pop culture? Which forms of self-empowerment and advocacy can we bring up together to raise a louder public voice?

We want to reflect on and raise awareness towards the languages and translations we use, their politics setting agendas and widely influencing public debate and thus, in the end, social dynamics. We consider it crucial to challenge the current course and reclaim the discourse in the sense of our common interest in our post-migrant societies. Since its outset, ART MATTERS is dedicated to bottom-up (un)learning, the sharing of expertise and experience, and the development of practical action, agency and policy enhancing societies in all their diversity, wherein migration is an integral part.

During a two-days practice-based workshop series, we take a moment for critical reflection on our language use, communication and mediation strategies.

We invite you to join us!
Discuss with us your practices, methods and visions.
We take a deep dive into your work.

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