As the world becomes more globalized, more people interact with foreign cultures. The summer 2019 issue of Arts Management Quarterly wants to look at how non-native art forms and institutions are exported to and received in foreign contexts. Submission deadline is June 23rd 2019.
Arts Management Quarterly is the established digital journal of Arts Management Network, aimed at an international audience. It does not only reflect major developments in arts management and society beyond the national context, it also sheds light on regional developments and approaches that can be inspiring for the international arts sector.
The summer 2019 issue wants to bring up questions such as: Are non-native art forms in foreign contexts interpreted and received as they are intended to be? Do they even have to be understood in their original way? How do these processes in the context of globalisation change both the “sending” and the “receiving” culture and their relationship? What are the reasons for the interest in foreign art forms and how do they affect the domestic as well as the foreign and the international market? What is the narrow line between cultural appreciation and cultural appropriation? Examples would be Classical Music in China; K-Pop, Cosplay, and Anime as youth culture in Europe; Gospel and Klezmer music as well as Holi festivals detached from their religious contexts; museums in former colonial countries; and so on.

Topics and Foci

Papers can represent

  • theoretical analyses
  • quantitative, qualitative or mixed research outcomes
  • examples, experiences and applied case studies from arts and non-profit organization as well as paradigms from other sectors that can be transferred to arts management
  • studies that address micro, meso, macro and cross-level perspectives
  • interviews with cultural management scholars, educators, leaders, and practitioners
  • in-depth experience and knowledge on non-western cultural management
Submission Guidelines and Deadlines
To be considered for the August 2019 issue of Arts Management Quarterly, papers need to be submitted via email at office(at) by June 23rd 2019. They should include a draft as well as a short CV with a combined total length of not more than 500 words.
The editorial board of Arts Management Network will review all submitted papers and let the authors know about the publication decisions by July 2nd 2019. The final contribution with a length of 2000 and 3000 words should be submitted latest by July 30th and, if necessary, include references and images.
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