Annual Gathering

of the
Democratizing the Arts and the Arts Sector
May 23rd-25th, 2019
Heilbronn University, Campus Künzelsau

Brokering Intercultural Exchange is is an Arts and Humanities Research Council funded network of researchers, policy-makers, and arts and cultural management practitioners who are interested in developing greater critical discourse on the contribution of arts and cultural management to intercultural understanding.
We wish that, together, we can reflect on the historical, institutional and social dimensions of intercultural activities that take place within the realms of arts and cultural management practice and education.

This conference will bring together researchers from different fields as well as practitioners who are keen on investigating these ideas through presentations and discussion.

This year’s Annual Gathering on ‘Democratizing the arts and the arts sector’ will explore four main topics

  • Managing democracy through a discourse of diversity?
  • Facilitating, Packaging or Fostering Democracy through Education and Training: Inclusive Leadership or Contradiction?
  • Democratizing the arts practice
  • Matters of inequality and inclusion/exclusion seen through the
    lens of digitalisation

We are very much looking forward to welcoming you to this conference and to the Brokering Intercultural Exchange Network.


Sabina Appiah-Boateng

Sabina Appiah-Boateng is a Doctoral student at the University of Cape Coast, Ghana, pursuing PhD Development Studies under the sponsorship of DAAD, SDG Graduate School – Performing Sustainability, Cultures and Development in West Africa. Read more »

Amos Darkwa Asare

Amos is currently a Ph.D. student and teaching associate in the Department of Music and Dance at the University of Cape Coast Ghana. He has an MA in Global Music, Sibelius Academy, University of the… Read more »

Qinhan (Cate) Chen

Qinhan (Cate) Chen is an Interculturalist and PhD researcher at University of Edinburgh. She studied Intercultural Communication (MSc) at the University of Warwick with her final project on intercultural communication in student world music groups. The paper was published in Intercultural Communication Studies XXVI: 1 (2017). Read more »

Antonio Cuyler

Dr. Antonio C. Cuyler is Associate Chair in the Department of Art Education, Associate Professor of Arts Administration, & Coordinator of the MA Program at Florida State University (FSU). He teaches Doctoral and Master’s students. Read more »

Eyram Fiagbedzi

Eyram Fiagbedzi is an Ethnomusicologist with research interests in Ghanaian traditional and popular music performances in both secular and religious contexts. He was a grant recipient of the Volkswagen Stiftung scholarship Project, Formation and Transformation of Musical Archives in West African Societies. Read more »

Mihai Florea

Mihai Florea is professional actor and a part-time teacher and researcher in Theatre Studies at University of Bristol, UK, and recipient of a Duignan bursary for a PhD thesis titled Actor in a Second Language. He has presented academic papers at universities in the UK, Finland and Lithuania. Read more »

Anne Frost

Anne Frost began her career in theatre and music, in Alberta and Ontario, Canada. After a Master’s degree in Arts Policy and Management from the City University, London, UK (1987-88) Anne returned to Ontario to work in literature, theatre for young audiences, galleries, and museums. Anne has taught in the Humber College (Toronto) post-graduate Arts Administration – Cultural Management… Read more »

Lisa Gaupp

Dr. Lisa Gaupp studied cultural studies, intercultural & international studies and ethnomusicology at the universities of Lüneburg, Barcelona and Hanover as a fellow of the German National Academic Foundation. Her doctoral thesis focuses on mechanism of “othering” in “intercultural” policies in the field of popular music. Read more »

Brea M. Heidelberg

Brea M. Heidelberg is an Assistant Professor and Associate Program Director for the Entertainment & Arts Management Program at Drexel University. She serves on the Emerging Leaders Council for Americans for the Arts and on the editorial board of the American Journal of Arts Management. She is also a Board Member of the Association of Arts Administration Educators,… Read more »

Raphaela Henze

Raphaela Henze is professor of Arts Management at Heilbronn University in Germany and Co-Investigator of the Arts & Humanities Research Council funded, international and transdisciplinary network Brokering Intercultural Exchange (… Read more »

Iván Jiménez

Iván Jiménez has a Bachelor degree in Violin Performance and Classical Music from the University of the Andes in Bogotá (Colombia). Former member of several orchestras and career oriented through music investigation in opera, history and music development. Also he’s got a master degree in Cultural Management from the University of Barcelona. Read more »

Lennart Jan Junge

Lennart Jan Junge is a German as foreign language teacher with more than ten years of experience and has taught all kinds of students incl. children, teens, asylum seekers, civil servants and businesspersons in Germany, France, Canada, the Netherlands and Brazil, while always making music… Read more »

Johan Kolsteeg

Johan Kolsteeg worked as a concert programmer and producer in the worlds of classical and contemporary music before moving to education and research at the Utrecht University of the Arts. He now works at the University of Groningen, specialising… Read more »

Gabriele Landwehr

Gabriele Landwehr studied languages and history at the University of Stuttgart where she also received her Ph.D.  From 1980 until 2018 she has been in leadership positions at Goethe Instituts in Europe, Canada/USA, India and the Emirates. She is living in Künzelsau and works as a freelance communication consultant. Read more »

Annetta Latham

Annetta Latham has been an Assistant Professor at MacEwan University since 2016 teaching in the Arts & Cultural Management program. Prior to this she was a senior arts manager in Scotland, Australia and New Zealand, working for art galleries, festivals and leading local council arts, heritage and events teams. Read more »

Meike Lettau

Meike Lettau holds an M.A. in Arts and Cultural Mediation from the Department of Cultural Policy at Hildesheim University, Germany. She is working as an academic associate at the UNESCO-Chair ‘Cultural Policy for the Arts in Development’ at Hildesheim University and coordinating the Graduate School ‘Performing Sustainability. Cultures and Development in West-Africa’… Read more »

Cat MacKeigan

Cat MacKeigan wears the many hats of researcher, academic instructor, consultant, arts manager, and facilitator. In her interdisciplinary doctoral research, Cat has used empirical based policy analysis to explicate how public policy coordinates artists’ ways of knowing… Read more »

Zeinab Musa Shallangwa

Zainab Musa Shallangwa is a lecturer in the Department of Visual and Performing Arts of the University of Maiduguri, Borno State, Nigeria. She holds a B.A Degree in Creative Arts (Art History and Museology) from the University of Maiduguri in 2008 and a Masters Degree in Museums and Heritage Studies from the University of Ghana, Legon in 2013. Read more »

Alasambom Nyingchuo

Alasambom Nyingchuo has experience in interpersonal communication, marketing, public relations, press relations, and several domains of filmmaking such as acting, script writing and artistic directing/set designing. He is also a chorister and acoustic artist, and enjoys working with public and/or private communication/ administrative… Read more »

Romina Pacor

Romina Pacor has graduated in Fine Arts at the “Universidad de Buenos Aires” in Argentina specialized in visual arts. She holds a master’s degree in cultural management provided by the University of Barcelona. Nowadays, she is currently studying a master’s degree in Graphic Design and Digital Arts. Read more »

Gargi Shindé

Gargi Shindé is the Director of Programs for Jazz at Chamber Music America, a national network organization for the small ensemble music community. She currently administers CMA’s New Jazz Works and Presenter Consortium for Jazz programs, and in 2019 will to launch a program focused on women bandleaders in jazz… Read more »

J.P. Singh

J.P. Singh is Professor and Distinguished Senior Fellow at the Schar School of Policy and Government at George Mason University, USA. From 2016-18, he was Chair and Professor of Culture and Political Economy, and Director of the Institute for International Cultural Relations (IICR) at the University of Edinburgh. Read more »

Kim-Marie Spence

Kim-Marie Spence is a postdoctoral researcher at Southampton Solent University and a Rhodes Scholar. Her research focuses on the global cultural economy and policy, appearing in journals such as Journal of Arts Management, Law & Society. Kim-Marie has also published a book (with Christiaan De Beukelaer) called Global Cultural Economy. Read more »

Alex Tam

Alex Tam is Centre Executive of the Centre for Research and Development in Visual Arts, which was established by the Academy of Visual Arts in 2013. The Centre’s vision is to promote the advancement of visual arts development in Hong Kong and neighbouring regions. One of the key focuses is to bring together various aspects of work at the intersection of academia, art, and society. Read more »

Astrid Thews

Astrid Thews holds an M.A. in Cultural Anthropology and studied in Bayreuth/ Germany, Uppsala/ Sweden and Nanterre/ France. In 2011 she co-founded a social enterprise for art in the public space and community art in Cairo/ Egypt and co-managed it until late 2015. Since 2016 Astrid Thews is based in Bochum and involved as freelance facilitator, cultural manager… Read more »

Nicole Vasconi

Nicole Vasconi is currently a master’s student studying heritage studies at B-TU Cottleu, Germany. She is from the United States, where she completed her bachelor studies in music arts administration and performance at Butler University (Indianapolis). Her research interests include topics within arts and cultural management… Read more »

Jason Vitorillo

Jason Vitorillo is teaching in the Arts and Cultural Management Program at LASALE College of the Arts, Singapore. His current research interests include international cultural policy, local arts management models in Asia Pacific, and cultural governance and democracy. Read more »

Karsten Xuereb

Karsten Xuereb received his PhD in cultural relations in the Mediterranean at the Universitat Rovira i Virgili in Tarragona (2012) and an M.A. in European Cultural Policy and Management at the University of Warwick (2005). He is a member of the scientific committee of the Transatlantic Dialogue… Read more »

Umar Lawal Yusuf

Umar Lawal Yusuf is a lecturer with the Sociology and Anthropology Department at the University of Maiduguri. Umar holds an M.Sc. in Criminology (2015) from the University of Jos, a Masters in Industrial and Labour Relations (2009), and a B.Sc. in Sociology and Anthropology (2003) from the University of Maiduguri. Read more »

Conference Programme

Part of the conference programme is a classical guitar concert by Marisa Minder. Read More.

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