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Urgent Message Concerning Annual Gathering 2020

Dear Members and Friends of the Network Brokering Intercultural Exchange,

We strongly hope that this notice finds you and your families safe and healthy. These are turbulent and troubling times. Like many others, the cultural sector is undergoing a tremendous transformation and many institutions as well as artists find themselves in deep trouble and we can be relatively sure that the artistic landscape will be a different one once this nightmare is over.

We have therefore made a decision. We will postpone our Annual Gathering that we had planned for November 2020 to spring 2021. This was not a decision that was taken lightly.We were about to send out a call and some of us were optimistic that things might have changed until then. We all hope that we will somehow be back to normal (never was “normal” so attractive) in November but we also know that many will currently neither be in the mood or position to plan ahead due to this insecurity. Some universities will not allow for travel arrangements, some will lack the money, others will rethink their travel habits after such an experience. We therefore decided that extraordinary times like these need extraordinary measures. 

We will therefore come up with a digital format. We are – like many others – currently experimenting with these digital formats and even see a couple of advantages. Digitization is surely something that many have underestimated in practice as well as in teaching for too long. Furthermore, a digital gathering will allow those to participate that for a variety of reasons are anyway not able to come in person. We will inform you in due course about our plans for a virtual Annual Gathering 2020. 

So please stay tuned but first of all stay safe!

Your Brokering Intercultural Exchange Team

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