Amos Darkwa Asare

Amos Asare is currently a Ph.D. student and teaching associate in the Department of Music and Dance at the University of Cape Coast Ghana. He has an MA in Global Music, Sibelius Academy, University of the Arts, Helsinki, Finland and a BA in Arts- Music (Hons) from the University of Cape Coast.

Promoting the Performing Arts: A case study of the “Appietus project” in the Central region of Ghana

Since Ghana’s independence, the performing arts have contributed to national development in diverse ways. The contributions of the performing arts towards improving cultural diversity and inclusion cannot be overemphasized. In contemporary Ghana, however, the promotion of the performing arts especially from public stakeholders, has been very poor. New artists have to struggle all by themselves to become mainstream artists. This has killed the dreams of many young and incoming artists. It becomes important, therefore, to investigate into the “Appietus project” and how sustainable it could be in promoting the performing arts in Ghana. The ‘Appietus’ project is a recording project by an award winning studio engineer in Ghana who has decided to record one hundred emerging artists within the ten regions of Ghana. The aim of the project is to promote up and coming musicians and create a market for their arts. I, however, focused on the ten artists selected from the Central region of Ghana. I adopted the qualitative mode of inquiry employing observations and interviews for data collection. I answer the question: what is the rationale behind the “Appietus project” and how sustainable can it be? It is emerging from the preliminary findings that the project is an effective promotional strategy for incoming performing artists, yet no policy interventions in support of the project. I conclude that there should be policy interventions in support of such projects.

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