Anne Frost & Annetta Latham

Anne Frost began her career in theatre and music, in Alberta and Ontario, Canada. After a Master’s degree in Arts Policy and Management from the City University, London, UK (1987-88) Anne returned to Ontario to work in literature, theatre for young audiences, galleries, and museums. Anne has taught in the Humber College (Toronto) post-graduate Arts Administration – Cultural Management program since it began in 2000. From 2003-2018 she also taught at the University of Toronto, Scarborough (UTSC). In 2008-9, Anne coordinated and taught in the Humber program. From 2011-13, Anne taught post-graduates at Centennial College, Toronto, and post-secondary learners at Sheridan College, Oakville, Ontario. Anne has been Coordinator and Professor for the Humber arts management post-graduate program since September 2014, and has been Principal Investigator on several applied research projects around newcomer arts, innovative data-gathering through performance art, and gentrification.

Annetta Latham has been an Assistant Professor at MacEwan University since 2016 teaching in the Arts & Cultural Management program. Prior to this she was a senior arts manager in Scotland, Australia and New Zealand, working for art galleries, festivals and leading local council arts, heritage and events teams. Annetta has experience conducting qualitative research, in 2018 completing an evaluation of a 2 year arts engagement program in Australia, and is completing a PhD, titled ‘What it means to fail, and is the bidding process enough? A comparative study of the work undertaken in the bidding process for the City of Culture in three unsuccessful ‘Cities’, and whether the ‘process’ initiated a transformation of each City’s cultural ecology and addressed the barriers to cultural opportunities and engagement. Annetta currently produces the podcast ‘Artful Conversation’ providing learning opportunities for her students, and is working on a 12 month mentorship program for new graduates.

Broadening horizons and minds through intercultural/international exchange

Canadian post-secondary institutions are seeking to understand internationalization, and to develop programs that provide pathways for intercultural/international exchange within the Arts and Cultural Management post-secondary and post-graduate domains. The challenge is to advocate for a pedagogy that opens up a dialogue addressing cultural assumptions and provides a space for the intercultural/international exchange of ideas and experiences related to learning and understanding.

MacEwan University and Humber College acknowledge the importance of arts and cultural management intercultural/international exchanges, and have developed a Scotland Cultural Tour, International Field Placements, and articulation agreements with Queen Margaret University that are embedded in the concept of interculturality (Hanson 2009). These elements give rise to critical reflections and cultural engagement, which are an important part of arts managers’ practice.  This pedagogy encourages these emerging managers to begin to investigate the concept of individualism vs collectivism within the global creative sector.

This innovative joint training program is centred around creating a learning experience that ignites knowledge sharing.  New approaches such as this one encourage intercultural dialogue that shows how international cooperation and learning experiences can inform student learning, and highlights for learners Canada’s unique creative environment and challenges.  Post-secondary and post-graduate learners from two of Canada’s major cities are led to compare their assumptions about each other, as well as about arts management in Scotland.

This presentation will explore questions surrounding the role that intercultural/international exchange programs play in developing collaborative educational models that improve educational outcomes for Arts and Cultural Managers, while addressing the significance of cross-cultural understanding and tolerance.

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