Antonio C. Cuyler

Antonio C. Cuyler is Associate Chair in the Department of Art Education, Associate Professor of Arts Administration, & Coordinator of the MA Program at Florida State University (FSU). He teaches Doctoral and Master’s students. His research interests include Arts Management education and creative justice issues within the global cultural sector.

Using the creative justice model to measure progress on access, diversity, equity, inclusion in the U.S. cultural secto

According to Cuyler (2019), creative justice is the right of all people to live creative and expressive lives on their own terms. With this definition in mind, he developed the Creative Justice Model which theorized the relationships between access, diversity, cultural equity, and inclusion suggesting that each play a significant role in the manifestation of creative justice. However, to operationalize this model empirically, this paper will explore two research questions. First, in what ways has the U. S. cultural sector made progress on delivering creative justice to those marginalized in society? In addition, what implications does a lack of progress hold for future empirical research on creative justice in the U. S. cultural sector?

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