Astrid Thews

Astrid Thews holds an M.A. in Cultural Anthropology and studied in Bayreuth/ Germany, Uppsala/ Sweden and Nanterre/ France. In 2011 she co-founded a social enterprise for art in the public space and community art in Cairo/ Egypt and co-managed it until late 2015. Since 2016 Astrid Thews is based in Bochum and involved as freelance facilitator, cultural manager and systemic organizational development consultant. She is passionate about projects striving for personal and societal change.

The case of europefiction: Conditions for a democratic international youth arts project

The presentation uses the international project europefiction as case study, aiming to identify conditions to be met for an international youth arts project to be democratic. europefiction is an ongoing youth project by 10 children and youth theaters from six European countries with artistic and political claims.

Drawing on observation notes, the presentation depicts accounts of a Project Council meeting composed of youth representatives from participating theatres and a Steering Group meeting in January 2019 centering around one decision-making process, questions of transparency and representation.

Building on the accounts, the presentation argues that for an international democratic youth art project, different conditions need to be created and developed regarding the project culture, project ownership, structure, and resources. It argues that roles of professionals thereby change and require further competencies.

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