Iván Jiménez & Rominar Pacor

Iván Jiménez has a Bachelor degree in Violin Performance and Classical Music from the University of the Andes in Bogotá (Colombia). Former member of several orchestras and career oriented through music investigation in opera, history and music development. Also he’s got a master degree in Cultural Management from the University of Barcelona. Experience on luxury and entertainment management. Recent educational experience, participation works and projects in music foundations in Barcelona such as Maria Canals and Pablo Casals as a cultural manager.

Romina Pacor has graduated in Fine Arts at the “Universidad de Buenos Aires” in Argentina specialized in visual arts. She holds a master’s degree in cultural management provided by the University of Barcelona. Nowadays, she is currently studying a master’s degree in Graphic Design and Digital Arts. She was part of the educational team of the Sívori Museum, as well as the Artistic Producer Objeto and the Cultural Center Borges all of them in Buenos Aires. In Barcelona, she was part of the Catalan Museum of Modernism team and she was accompanied by sponsorships at the Pedralbes Festival, among other experiences in the cultural sector.

How to deal with cultural diversity? Limits between inclusion and exclusion

Our understanding of culture is an important tool in our cultural life and consumption. 

Exercising as a cultural manager implies knowing how to manage a plurality of social, political, artistic, economic, technological or educational logics, just to mention a few. This is problematic that we face in the current global problems and further visible issues in the future.

Therefore, we will find in our field common issues such as prejudices; Racism, sexism or heterosexism, among others. Intolerance is also clearly related to manifestations of prejudice of a higher order, such as discrimination through legal and organizational policies, the symbolic annihilation of groups in the media and everyday forms of discrimination, whether overt or subtle. We are trying to explore the limits between inclusion and exclusion in terms of cultural knowledge, aesthetics and experience.

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