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To learn more about the Network’s activities or to participate, please contact:

Victoria Durrer, Lecturer in Arts Management and Cultural Policy, Queen’s University Belfast at

Raphaela Henze, Professor of Arts Management at Heilbronn University at 

This network has been initiated through an Arts and Humanities Research Council Research Network Grant awarded to Victoria Durrer from Queen’s University Belfast, UK and Raphaela Henze from Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences, Germany. It seeks to understand the role of arts and cultural managers as intercultural brokers in our context of globalisation, internationalisation and global migration. Intercultural understanding suggests capacity for appreciating, recognising and relating to different world viewpoints and experiences. Historical and empirical research recognises the role arts and cultural objects and expressions, like fine and performing arts and heritage, play in political, cultural and ethnic relations. Yet, little is known about the role of arts and cultural managers, their practice and education, in this process.

In fact, arts and cultural managers shape and structure intercultural exchange. They direct and administer arts and cultural projects between nations, and devise, plan and develop arts and cultural programming to attract and include growing migrant populations as audiences, participants and creators within nations. Global, cultural, post colonial, and intercultural studies show that mechanisms for fostering or hindering intercultural understanding are often based on long standing terminology, institutional structures, and habits upheld by practices and pedagogies within specific professions.

We will integrate and apply this research to the traditions, institutions and actions of arts and cultural management to extend awareness of the part arts and cultural managers play in intercultural exchange with 5 goals:

  • Gather international, multidisciplinary researchers with arts and cultural management practitioners, policymakers, educators and students to share knowledge and uncover new areas of research about intercultural understanding in arts and cultural management education and practice
  • Learn how arts and cultural management practitioners, policymakers, educators and students perceive and experience intercultural exchange within international arenas of practice and education
  • Apply ethnic, historical, postcolonial, global, intercultural, and cultural studies to these perspectives to examine dominant terminology, structures and traditions shaping arts and cultural management practice and education
  • Share findings, bibliography and documentation widely to students, practitioners, educators, policymakers and researchers to foster policy impact, further study and networking
  • Enable new research projects examining intercultural work in arts and cultural management

Even after the termination of our initial AHRC funding by mid-2018 the network, which has now around 800 followers and members from more than 25 countries, will carry on with its important work. We will continue to host seminars and conferences and we have established a “Winter School” open to a selected number of international Master students of arts management. This three days intensive seminar in co-operation with the Robert Bosch Cultural Managers Network and MitOst e.V. will be launched in Berlin in November 2018. We will also continue to share information and insights on the topic of intercultural exchange (e.g. literature lists, presentations, articles by scholars, practitioners and artists, book and conference reviews as well as calls) on this website.

We therefore cordially invite you to join us as a member and visit our website regularly for updates on our plans and programmes.  

Please feel free to contact us with every query you may have:


Dr Victoria Durrer

Queen’s University Belfast


Prof Dr Raphaela Henze

Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences


Dr Antonio C. Cuyler

Florida State University


Dr Karsten Xuereb

University of Malta


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