Friday, May 24th 2019


Marisa Minder, born 1987 in Switzerland and
currently living in Basel, started to play the
guitar at the age of seven. When she was seventeen,
she began her studies at the Conservatoire
Superieure et Academie de Musique Tibor
Varga in Sion with George Vassilev, where she
received her teaching Diploma in 2008. From 2008
to 2010 she continued her studies at the Royal
Conservatoire of The Hague (NL) in the guitar class of Zoran
Dukic. Her Masters’ Degree in The Hague was awarded with
distinction for an exceptional artistic performance“. Further on she
completed her studies at the Hochschule für Musik in Basel, in the
classes of Stephan Schmidt and Pablo Marquez and obtained her
Solistendiplom“ in Januray 2016.

Marisa was a winner and finalist of various competitions, such as
Prix Rotary Zurzach (2000/2), Schweizer Jugendmusik Wettbewerb
2003/4, Bach-Preis Guitar Festival Vissani (Greece, 2007),
Anna-Amalia Wettbewerb für junge Gitarristen (Weimar, 2007),
Concours des jeunes Talents de la guitare en Suisse (Lausanne,
2011), Internationaler Gitarrenwettbewerb «Forum Gitarre Wien»
(Vienna, 2011), intern. Guitar Competition Bale Valle (Kroatien,

In 2013 she was a laureate of the «Stiftung für junge Musiktalente
Meggen» and in the same year, selected as „Pro Argovia Artist“ by the
cultural Foundation of the canton of Aargau. The Marianne and Curt
Dienemann Foundation selected her in 2017 as the main


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