Network Activities

Seminars  will bring academics, practitioners (managers and artists), policymakers and researchers from international and diverse disciplines together with arts and cultural management educators and students. We wish that, together, we can reflect on the historical, institutional and social dimensions of intercultural activities that take place within the realms of arts management practice and education. These include:

  • International project activities between individuals working in different countries;
  • Inter- and cross-cultural interactions that occur in arts and cultural programmes among majority and minority cultures within a single country; and
  • Teaching and learning within arts and cultural management courses, particularly in higher education

The first four seminars will involve workshops for individuals made up of the core network and researchers, managers, artists, educators, postgraduate students, and policymakers either invited or brought in by open call and advice from the Advisory Committee. Invited speakers will present provocations for workshop participants in response to the workshop themes along. Public talks will also take place and be open to a wider audience. The final seminar is a closed workshop for core network members.

This section includes information about the five network seminars that will be held in 2017 – 2018 as well as reflections from those who have attended.

The five seminars are as follows:

  1. Framing Arts and Cultural Management, Jan 2017, Heilbronn University, Kunzelsau
  2. Dominant Ideologies in Arts and Cultural Management: Institutions, Habits and Terminology in the Profession, Apr 2017, Queen’s University Belfast
  3. Intercultural Relations in Higher Education, Jul 2017, Zurich University of the Arts 
  4. Intercultural Relations in Practice,Nov 2017, Goldsmith’s, University of London 
  5. What Next: A review of the work to date by core network members, Jan 2018, Queen’s University Belfast