This section presents new inquiries emerging from the Network.

Durrer, V., Henze, R.,  Ross, I., 2016. Approaching an Understanding of Arts and Cultural Managers as Intercultural Brokers. Arts Management Quarterly, No 124, pp. 25 – 30. Available at:

Our current context of internationalisation, globalisation, and the increasing global migration presents challenges and opportunities for the arts and cultural sector. With creative and aesthetic expressions inherently reflective of cultural ideas, knowledge and values, arts and cultural managers have a significant role to play in directing, administering and mediating intercultural understanding. This refers to the ability to know, accept, value, and empathise with alternative perspectives and perceptions of the world (Marginson and Sawir, 2011; Perry and Southwell, 2011).

Henze, R., 2016. How globalization affects arts managers. Arts Management Quarterly, No. 124, pp. 19-14. Available at:

This research seeks to develop greater understanding of the impacts of globa- lization, digitalization, and (im)migration on the work of arts managers and arts management researchers. Different from studies that focus specifically on those who work exclusively in international contexts, this paper aims to present current research based on an international empirical study of arts managers who do not necessarily cross borders for their work and who would in most cases not even consider their work international as such. The fin- dings are a brief excerpt of the results of an online survey in October and No- vember 2015 among 352 arts managers in 46 countries.1 It dealt inter alia with the question how globalization affects the day-to-day work of arts managers and how they deal with the challenges globalization imposes on them.